Saturday, April 16, 2011

What A RAVING Review!

Hello, My Loverlies :)
thats pronounced lover-lees. not lover-lies. 

okay, anyway, today we are doing a review on my favorite series EVER The Mortal Instruments. Of course, I wont be reviewing all 4 books today because we want you to come back and read more, riiight?! right! so, we go.

The book City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare is an excellent book. So excellent that Pennywether and I just had to split Jace so we each could get a little bit of him. Because, oh my gosh, he is delish. Of course, Since I read the book first, I got 2/3 and Penny was left with only 1/3. Boom. Roasted. 

When fifteen-year-old Clary sets eyes on a boy she actually isn't supposed to be able to see, her whole life spins wickedly out of control. Finding her mother in a magic induced coma doesnt help this situation in the slightest. While battling demons, well at least trying to, Clary also battles the newfound feelings she has for the super sexy half-angel Jace. Is it love? WELL, I'D HOPE SO!

CoB is delicious in every way. Cassandra masters the manipulation of teen emotions in a way I've never seen. Through her writing she melts all of our feelings into clay, and molds them into exactly what she wants, whenever she wants.

Due to the fact that I have no criteria on which to base my review (as in 5 out of 5 stars and all that jazz) I will not be rating this one in such manner. But, I would like to say that you should definitely read this book! You will NOT be disappointed!

So, read it. 


Okay :)


P.S. Read City Of Bones.

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TheBlogettes said...

Yeah, but Arzella I got 2/3 of Will and you only got 1/3 so boom. Roasted. Fo shiggidy my weeble.

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