Monday, April 25, 2011

June Bug =] by Chris Fabry

June Bug is such a sweet novel. I've read it like six times (seriously). It's so cute, but mysterious. It's sad and refreshing. June Bug (the girl) is kind and just...oh, I don't know. but, I love her. Read it.

Nine year old June Bug has lived ont he road with her father her whole life. They travel America in a beat up old RV, her Dad keeping them alive by his meager salary as a freelance writer. The park in old parking lots and stay for a while before packing it up and leaving again. June Bug is happy to live the gypsy lifestyle. But, one day when she walks into Walmart and sees an almost exact picture of herself staring back at her from a missing child's poster hanging on the wall, her life is flipped upside down. She learns that her father keeps secrets.
The journey to find out who she really is leads her and her father back to Dogwood, West Virginia. She finds answers about her past, and her father finds what he lost a long time ago.

It's a great sad story. Omigosh, I hate it so much. And love it. It's sad. And awesome. Wonderful. Yeah, I'll leave you with wonderful 'cause it truly is. Loved it. Read it. Please do. It will make you smile.

-Blogga Pennywether!

ps. here's my drawing of June Bug!

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