Sunday, April 17, 2011

"If you're texting Magnus to say 'I think u r kewl' I'm going to kill you."

Hey There.

So, I've probably been more excited about this post than any other, and that is because Cassandra Clare has written yet another breath-taking book. City Of Ashes has blown the minds of Pennywether and I  and not to mention. thousands of other teens.Through this post, we are hoping to add to the "thousands". This quick and clever book is full of adventures that leave you begging for more.

Clary is a brand new Shadowhunter, but that's all against her wishes. Her mother is finding her place in this magic-induced coma as Clary and her newfound brother, Jace, battle Valentine, the man who is a little too related to the lovebirds / siblings (that sounds bad! They fell in love before their hearts we shattered with the fact that they're related). As Jace battles with himself about being the son of such a hypocritical man, he also battles the fact that the girl he is in love with is also his sister. Poor Jace and Clary, right?! They're perfect for each other.

All in all CoA is absolutely brilliant in every way. It's fo' sho' a page turner, no doubt. And, I'm sure Pennywether would agree, you need to read this book.

Read the description and buy the book here!

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CoA has made its way to the top of my "favorite books" list. Cassandra Clare has earned the right to the name "Best Teen Author EVER" in my book. Thanks for being oh so talented, Cassie!

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P.S. Read City Of Ashes.

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