Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Number...ONE :D ( With Arzella :) )

Heyy! It's Riah. (aka Arzella)

Okay, I guess we should start with WHY we call each other Pennywether and Arzella. Madison is a super fan of spy books. So, basically she decided she wanted to use code names because real names are lame. I refused. But then, we just decided to use both real and fake names. Super cool.

Madison and I are both in 9th grade. And are both 14. And I'm only 10 days older than her. So BAM! take that, Pennywether. Something you should know about us is that we are both very fluent in the language of "sarcasm".

Basically, I dont know what else you need to know here. SO, yeah. Anywho...hear we go.

Thanks for reading:) Blog Out!

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