Friday, April 22, 2011


Helloooo there :) Its Riah ! And, being the one whose music is like her heart, I felt just obliged to blog about music.

If you direct your eyes above to the title of this post, It read lyrics of a song that I cant help but just ADORE, "Lacy Let's Go" by Half Priced Hearts

 look at how incredibly delicious those men are. Can you say "attractive"? I can. Anyway, I do ask that you listen to their song. Because, if you dont, I will probably cry just a little. So, lets get the views on their video to be SOOPAH (super) high and then...I'll have a surprise for you all. Let's get excited :)

WOAH. I just put a link on that :) I hope you all enjoy that song IMMENSELY :)

onto the next band.

Crash Coordinate. Oh my goodness. They followed us on twitter. Whenever a band follows us I go and research that band. understandable. I fell in absolute love with this band from the very first listen.
Crash Coordinate (look down at a picture.)

I really enjoy this band because It's a really different type of rock band. They aren't metal gross nasty...but they're just a right mix of everything. I like them. 


Okay. I'm in love with this next band. Not only are they extremely deliciously good looking and wonderful, but their music is just...i dont know how to explain it. Great. Wonderful. Borderline Perfect. 


So, School Boy Humor is probably on my list of favorite bands. Which is hard to do, due to the fact that I listen to a whole bunch of music.

Oh, here is a song by them.

So, there will be more band blogs just because I cant help but blog blog blog about them. I love these bands and I really hope you listen to them! 

Blogout :)

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