Thursday, April 21, 2011

Delayed Times Two. And Heist. =]

Okay, sorry missed my blog post last night. =( I had a FOUR HOUR LONG SOFTBALL GAME! I. do. not. exaggerate. And we didn't even finish it. Yeah. Fo shiggidy my weeble.

So, nanyway (yes, I know I spelled it worng. That is how I say anyway. Uh... just so you know, I'm really weird. If you haven't figured that out yet :). I shall now blog about...

Yummy. Okay, love this book. It makes me want to steal something. Probably not a very Christian thing to do... I will not steal. Haha. Nanyway, I love this book (did I say that already?).

All Kat Bishop ever wanted to do was escape the family business. Theft. So, she did. She stole a new life. She enrolled herself in a (totally normal) boarding school. But, she is only gone three months before her (totally delicious) friend Hale, frames her for a prank that leads to her being kicked out. But, he has a reason to his (hot) madness. Bobby Bishop, Kat's father, has been accused of stealing five painting from a very powerful (and threatening) man. Determined to prove his innocence, she plans the only thing she knows how to do. She plans to steal them back from whoever stole them. The problem is finding them. And, well...stealing them. And another issue : her team. Her team (haha!) consists of Hale (yum), Gabrielle (...), Simon (love him), Nick (ew. Don't even get me started.), and Hamish and Angus (OMG!). Seven teenager, including herself, trying to take on the biggest mission of their young lives. Can the do it? Hmm.

Twist ending. Kind of guessed, but didn't expect what Ally threw at us. Loved it (did I say that yet?). Read it. =]

-Blogga Pennywether!

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