Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goodbye, Children.


That's basically what I wanted to write on this post until I realized you might want some explanation. 

No, Madison and I did not have a huge blow up and decide the blog should split.

No, I did not steal Madison's boyfriend leading to the decision that the blog should split.

No, I did not drink all the milk and forget to replace it make the decision that the blog should split.

I just decided to go my own way! I hope that you will follow my neeeew blog 


But I also hope that you will keep up on whatever Madison decided to post about! 


For the very last time....



Friday, July 22, 2011

Myles Christian Ketelsen (that makes me want kettle corn. Popcorn and a movie, anyone?)

Dance Pop.

Only 2 words yet they describe the type of music that you're about to fall in love with.

Myles Ketelsen, the man in the one-man-band "My Fair Moon" talked to me today and I definitely got the scoop on the next big thing. 

Get excited, yo.

Apart from the pointless things I learned about Myles (such as his favorite animal is actually from Pokemon and just so happens to be Porygon) I also was informed of some things that will not only make you fall in love with the music, but with the maker of the music. 

"I know it's gotten cliche' and "everyone" says this, but I have history with Adam Young (Owl City). Years ago, before he was even a spec in the fame game, we were friends on Myspace. We used to talk quite a bit about music and writing. He encouraged me to give actual "recording" a try. So for that, I thank him. He's the main reason I'm doing what i am now."

Myles favorite colors are blue and yellow and he would like to have a mullet. And leather pants. 

Myles says he would like to get signed, but not if it means sacrificing who he is. He talks about how too many artist get caught up in fame and forget who got them there and who they were. Myles doesnt want to be one of the artist that  lose themselves in the popularity.

handles it like a man! 

Not only is Myles a music making machine, he also has quite the sense of humor. In his biography on his facebook page ( he talks about how he isn't good with words. After this interview, you would never know. I asked Myles 3 random facts about himself. You know what he replied with?

1. He hates octopus.
2. Fish cant fly.
3. The chicken did come first.

Thank you. 

When asked what his favorite thing about music is, Myles answered with:

"Being able to visit places that reality won't physically let you visit. The fact that I can go wherever I want to via sound is very rewarding and mind blowing. I also love being able to create something and being able to call the finished product mine. Something no one else has and no one else can call theirs. "

He also likes fall because he has an obsession with hoodies! understandable.

actually. he has a "sick obsession" with hoodies. what does that mean? 

Myles tells me that he stays up at night writing and recording! "Music is my life." He says.

Even though Myles once sported girl jeans and screamo music, he says that he can now look back and laugh at it. Speaking of looking back, He once wanted his name to be Max.

Myles sends this message to all aspiring musicians out there (and the Lord knows there's a lot of us.)

"Never give up! Never, never, never give up. it takes so much time and practice. It really is just like a sport. You'll get out what you put it. You can be anything you want to be, you're the only thing stopping yourself."

Myles, or to his friends known as "Mylo", says he isnt addicted to texting, but he is addicted to tweeting. so follow him. @myfairmoon

Although I tried to convince him to answer my joke this was all I ever got

"Why did the chicken cross the road"
"I don't think he was actually on the side of the road to begin with, but who I am to judge where that chicken ACTUALLY was. "

So, now that your updated on the newest and coolest music. your going to go follow @myfairmoon on twitter and like My Fair Moon on Facebook. Go for it, dudes. 

This was successful. Bye:)

Im happy to tell you that i would like you to do this for me.


obviously. i am the one trying to keep you updated on the newest and coolest music. when was the last time she posted?!? i dont know.

anyway, after madison brought this idea up to me i said "why not!" but then she told me she was busy (probably staring at pictures of crush.) and that i had to make this.

please tweet us questions you have for us. we want to feel like you love us. at least a little. after all, we love you! so tweet us. like this.

@theblogettes810 why dont you make a q and a video so we can know about you!

even though we arent that interesting.

sorry none of this was capitalized correctly. it bothers me, too.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We'll Deal With The Lag.

Calling All Thrashers!

I spent the evening waiting for Taylor Thrash to get on stickam and then spent the night listening to his AMAZING voice.

I learned a lot of things tonight. Such as Taylor has a lot of hats. And he also has an extremely talented friend named Jon.

Go Follow Them.


Basically, Tonight Taylor looked like a candy cane. And Jon looked like a checker board.

So, Taylor and Jon...whats your favorite board game?

Within the first half an hour of this broadcast, Taylor and his pal had already logged of twice just to log back on due to the lag. Taylor assured us that he had 5 bars of internet, basically blaming it on us. WOW.

thats a lie. he said he didnt know what was wrong.

But, Im sure that if they had been cut tonight, the only thing they would have bled would be perseverance because although the lag was AWFUL they kept entertaining us with songs that had melodies that the untalented would kill to be able to make.

So, they played us some "choppy remix's" and when they said "how many of you have heard of Kanye West?! Raise Your Hand!" I raised my hand. And I looked dumb because I was alone in my room.
Then they played Katy Perry! (Yeah, the Kanye West thing was a trick to get we who are alone in our rooms to look stupid.)

"We're gonna play some tunes. Rock some faces!"

after lagging for too long, Taylor commented with this:
"You know, this is a perfect time to play this song. This song is called 'Stressin'. I wrote this in a completely different situation, but it'll do."

"But now I dont give an s-word!"

This is probably one of Taylor's biggest songs as of right now.  Check it out. You'll like it.

"So, stop texting me. But, dont. Send us all the texts you want."

"High Hopes...High Spirits!"-Jon
"Like Pocahontas' Family."-Taylor

Wanna know something cool? Taylor is really thankful. After every song he sang he said "thank you" at least 3 times. No, Thrash-Master. Thank YOU.


well, after a long battle with stickam, this journey came to an abrupt end. maybe one day when stickam isnt angry at the world, we can try this again.

A special thanks to Taylor Thrash for using his voice to make everyone happy.
A spectacular thank you to Jon who is playing my heart like his guitar. 

I Think Im In Love.


"Do You Guys Fight?" "We Have Food Fights."

Alrighty, children. Say Hello To:

The Goodnight Fellows.

Wow! I just learned how to do the whole changing color thing. Technically challenged over here.

Anyway, after spending about 2...probably more actually...hours on stickam with these fiiine gentleman i learned that Josh's favorite jelly bean is Buttered Popcorn and Mike got sick of his white hair so changed it up. Also, they don't practice making out with their arms.

So, I found out about GNF when they followed me on twitter (which also means you should follow them... @thisisGNF) and just about instantly fell in love. Not only is their music AWESOME but theyre all really funny too. They really dont take themselves too seriously which is always cool to see. Nothing like a bunch of anal performers, right? right. Just kidding.

"Remember when we were in, like, middle school and we were taking a test or something and it was completely silent and I sneezed and, like 15 people all said bless you and I was so overwhelmed I was just like 'Thank all of you...'."

The boys were described as a multitude of things including these:

"Hes such a pretty man."
"He is so smart and pretty!"
"These guys are pretty!"

So basically, these men are pretty.

When Asked "Whats one thing you would tell aspiring singers" they replied with

"Do Good."

Better than the over done, mushy, too-heartfelt, paragraph long advice.

So, now that you've heard a little bit about how i feel and how others feel, how about some music?

p.s. you see that guitar? look at what he's doing to it. 
you havent seen a better quality picture, hey?
and would ya look at that?
this was his Me-Against-The-World Poker Face Competition. Don't ask me who won.
"Me and Mike Were playing the harry potter board game a while ago and you have to like draw a card to see what house you go into and no matter how hard I tried i always got slytherine."
woot woot.

so anyway. enjoy them. download there music.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pop Fiction Music.


Justin Taylor on VOCAAAALS.

Tyler Nichols on Drums.

Michael Maughan on GEETAR.

Collin Masiel on the bass.

We're going to get an interview. Or something of the sort.

So, as for this was small but got the point across. go listen to them. and buy their new album on itunes:

i like you.


I Have The Lewis Flu-is.

Stephen Lewis Jerzak.

The Lew Flu.

Guys, He plays my heart like a ukelele.

picture time.

 marry me.
because you love me?
and God knows I love you too.

so, anyway. I rave on and on about him but im sure you want to hear some of his music now?! I Know I Do.

this is a cute song. YAY :D
get it. cute song? the songs called cute?
so...this song by him. i dont know how to explain. at first i was like no. this is bad. i dont like it. what the heck does he think he's doing!? but then...i listened to it. over and over again. and i was like hey wait. i kinda....i kinda really like this. 10 points. 
it makes me happy cause its one of those songs that you can say "this reminds me of..."
so this song...its the song that i listen to and am happy. am i feeling bad? listen. am i down on myself? listen. i just love it.

so, guys, obviously i really like stephen jerzak.
and obviously if he ever reads this....i'll probably just be so happy i'd cry.

actually...maybe not. i dont really cry very often. 

but maybe this would be a crying occasion?

so, for all of you nevershoutnever fans,


he's cleaner anyway. well, i dont know if as hygiene wise but i mean as in he doesnt drop the f bomb randomly.

i wonder if he is cleaner....what kind of soap, sir?

okay. i like you.


Another Dramatic Book About Pennywether and Arzella. (Book 2) and a shoutout to mah homegurl P-Swizzy (aka Pennywether.)

"I, am a better writer than you!" Pennywether held her notebook that was filled with chapters of tears and ink into Arzella's face as she inserted a dramatic pause between the I and Am of her sentence.

"NO YOU ARENT. You haven't even finished a book yet, Pen-Knee-Weth-HER!"Arzella yelled with so much teen angst you would think the house would have fallen down.

"Yeah, but i spend so much time on writing one book at a time that my books are always better. More time equals better quality."

"So that's why you leave the milk in the refrigerator for months? Better quality COTTAGE-FREAKING-CHEESE?!?"Arzella threw a fist into Pennywether's jaw but missed by about 2 feet. "I meant to do that."

"Read my book."

"Read your own book."

"I need you to critique it."

"Critique what?"

"My book."

"What book?!"

"The one I'm writing!"

"Oh, Penny-dear, You're writing a book?! You're such a great writer!"

"Thank you, Arzella."

"I'm glad we're friends."

"Oh, golly. Ditto."


p.s. this is true. I, Arzella, have written a book where as PENNYWETHER HAS NOT.


but i love her anyway and she is one of the most talented teenage writers i know.

I love you, Pennywether. Yo Da Bomb.

I like you.


Monday, July 18, 2011

For Those Of You Who Like Screamo.


so...let's do a music blog, eh?


the definition of screamo is:

Subdivision of emo and hardcore, generally having more similarities to hardcore in terms of instrumentals, but lyrics are closer to emo. Screamed or spoken-word vocals, laden over soft, proggy riffs or crashing metal madness, more the latter. Mostly dead by now, as the genre was already heavily explored in the 90's by bands such as Hot Cross, Saetia and Orchid. 

thank you urban dictionary.

okay now i cant get the font right. 

oh well. let's deal with it.

make the font bigger! wowzers!

so, children/adults/stalkers/friends/emos/scenesters/hipsters/punkrockers/hermaphrodites/etc.

let's talk about screamo.

do you even know HOW to scream?! i dont. i wish i did.

im so a.d.d. right now.


bands such as

Divided By Friday.

they arent like 100% screamo. but they've got something going for them.

How About A Christian Screamo Band!

The Devil Wears Prada.


Stuff Like That.

Stuff Like That isnt a band. I was just saying stuff like that.

okay. anyway.
escape the fate.
falling in reverse.
sky eats airplane.
i set my friends on fire.
bring me the horizon.
a day to remember.
bullet for my valentine.
we came as romans.

OKAY. im done. listen to those.

bye. i like you. 


Friday, July 8, 2011


Check out my older sister Genevieve's blog!

-Blogga Pennywether!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This is kind of spectacular.


Christina Grimmie.

She is awesome singer.

You should check her out.

I like her.

You should too.

Follow her on Twitter.

And Facebook.

Great voice.

Awesome hair.

Nice style.

Yeah, so...

-Blogga Pennywether!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Beautiful Creatures, this new book I've been reading for almost four days (I have to read it REALLY slow because my mom said I can't buy a new book till next week...which is today!), is going to be a movie. You know what I love? When books I love become movies. Unless the movies suck. But this is gonna be awesome! Read the books!

I'll do a review when I finish all three. Stay posted!


-Blogga Pennywether!

p.s. there is supposed to be 2 mor books coming out soon!