Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Break Up: Book One of the Pennywether and Arzella Break Up One Book Series.

The vein in Pennywether's neck bulged with fury as she gazed at the stubborn Arzella. Her beaty blue eyes peered into her so-called "best friend" like a mouse would stare at a block of cheese...cheddar cheese. (Unless mice like other kinds of cheese besides cheddar...).

"Who do you think you are??! Running 'round leaving scars?!" Pennywether gasped for air as Arzella looked at her incredulously.

"Are you SERIOUSLY quoting lyrics right now?" Arzella bounded up from her spot on the ugly plaid couch and cocked her hip. "I mean honestly. You cheat on your boyfriend...WITH MY BOYFRIEND?!"


"And then you expect me to just forgive and forget. Uhuh, Sugar Honey Ice Tea! No way, No HOW!" Arzella spat in the face of, as far as she cared, her ex-best friend.



"ARZELLA. We don't have boyfriends..."

"That's probably because they broke up with us because you cheated on yours with mine."

"Arzella...we never had boyfriends."

"What?" The look on her face penetrated deep into the minds of millions of her followers. Her known fans worldwide. Insert-BigTimeRush-Song-Here-Just-Because-Arzella-Is-Obsessed-With-Them. "What do you mean 'we never had boyfriends'?"


"If you say a couple I'm going to bust something."

"umm...I was going to say single..."Pennywether flung her right hand into the air and stuck her butt out in a very Pennywether-like way.

"Oh. So...why are we fighting?"

"Because you drank all the milk."

"I dont even like milk."

"You love milk."

"Oh, okay. Now that you know all my eating habbits,"

"You drink a glass of milk every day!"


"Oh my gosh." Pennywether shook her head. "Now we're quoting the non-explicit version of Baby Mama."

"You know what. Why you feelin' the need to be all up in mah grill. I dun invite chu to my barbecue!" Arzella shoved her chest out in a bring-it-on manor. The heated tension in the house was starting to spark a fire in the fireplace.

"...You don't even own a grill."

"Well, allow me to buy one."

"After you buy more milk?"

"Aww man you drank all the milk?"

" did."Pennywether held up an empty carton of milk and shook it in Arzella's face. Arzella's eyebrows knit together and she nodded.


"Friends, again?"


thank you, and goodnight.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Art Of Beautiful Book Covers.

This book he an absolutley gorgeous boy on the front. I think I might read it. Is it any good? Has anyone read it?

Silence and Clockwork Prince.

Here is the cover for Silence! I'm so excited for it to come out! October 4!

This one comes out September 2011!


The Trylle Trilogy.

I started reading the Alchemyst by Michael Scott and it was great but I wanted something with romance. The entire Alchemyst series has NO romance (I checked) so I out that book on hold and began reading Swithced by Amanda Hocking.

Wendy had a great support system in her family and was loved. Lie. Her da killed himself when she was five. Then her psycho mother called her a monster and tried to kill her on her sixth birthday. So she was placed in the loony bin and Wendy was raised by her brother and aunt. She never felt like she belonged. I would chalk it up to the whole "You're a monster and not my kid" vibe that her mom was shooting off when she was a kid, but that's just my opinion. Anyway, she finds out that those feelings were right. Finn, he stalker (but for good reasons) told her she was a changeling. A baby who is switched out for another so that they can get a good education then return to the cullt (except for some reason they refused to call it that). So, she was taken to her real mother and she only ated her slightly less than her host mother. Did I mention that her real mother is the Queen of this cult thing? So Wendy, who has bad hair, would rather be barefoot, has special persuaion powers that only some of the Trylle cult that she was born into has, is a Princess. A freakin' troll princess.

The first book was awesome but then I started the second one and a new love interest butted in. I really liked the first guy. He was perfect. Overly protective, saved her life, arrogant, sometimes sweet. So you can see how her liking the leader of the tribe that tried to kill her would upset me. So I got online and researched a bit. I found out that she ends up with him. The OTHER boy. I was really mad and apparently not the only one. Everyone hated the authors decision since the first character was built up as THE love interest and the OTHER boy was hardly even characterized. I honestly don't think I'll finish the series because I don't want to ruin how much I liked the first book.

So if you're one of those people who doesn't have to finish a series, then I recommend the first book. If not, then don't read them at all because you will only be disappointed and not want to read any of the author's other works. Which I DO NOT want to happen.

All in all the first book was splendid and the whole series could have followed. It was set up to be wonderful.

-Blogga Pennywether!

ps. I need some books to read! Ideas? However many comments I get back on this, that's how many videos Arzella and I will post!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whiskey For Elephants.

This movie was in a word, stupendous.

Jacob was studying to become a vet. Actually, he was in the middle of his final exam when he was interrupted by police officers. A car accident killed his parents. They left him with nothing. That had given up everything for him to be able to go to college. So he left. He was walking down the train tracks when a train came by. He hopped it and later found out it was a circus train.

A circus that needs a vet. So he joins. The first day at that circus he watched many fascinating shows. But he was captured by one. The star of the show.

Problems occur when they have to put down the star horse. But soon they buy Rosie, an elephant. And Jacob is put in charge of training her for Marela's shows.

  Rosie   Marlena

He fell in love with both of them. Did I mention that Marlena is his boss' wife? And Marlena falls in love with him instead of her voilent husband who abuses not only her, but Rosie too.


And August (Marlena's husband) finds out. He sends men to kill Jacob (a little tough, right?). So Jacob and Marlena run away together.


And get caught.


Jacob's friends try to bring down the entire circus and August. And it works. Kind of.

You'll have to watch. =]

All in all an outstanding movie!

-Blogga Pennywether!

p.s. I would like to share some of my favorite adjactives.

magnificent, marvelous, stupendous, fun, entertaining, funny, hysterical, brilliant, incredible, outstanding, fascinating, stunning, shocking, surprising, and attractive.

Just thought I'd share those with you.

p.s.s. They never once give Rosie water. Only whiskey.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Water For Big, Fat Animanls.

I'm seeing Water For Elephants tonight so I'll do a review on it later! =]

-Blogga Pennywether!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Blog.

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-Blogga Pennywether!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Uncommon Blog.

Remember this book? It came out today. I read it. And finished it. It was AWESOME!

Katarina Bishop has been known for a lot of things in her life. But most recently, she was known as the girl who robbed the Henley. Which is why she wasn't surprised when a fragile old woman approaches her with a case. A case harder than anything she had ever done before. But the old woman seemed so helpless that she was setermined to steal back Cleopatra's Emerald and return it to the rightful owner. So she did it. She successfully pulled off one of the most daring and challenging heists ever. Then she gives the emerald to the wrong person. So she has to steal it back.

THis book was great. I loved it and I'm definitely going to read it again soon! I recommend it to everyone read Heist Society. If not get your butt out there and but the book. Its great. It'll make you want to steal something. That's not always a good thing...but oh well. =]

-Blogga Pennywether!

p.s. Kat and Hale fans will be pleased. Deeply. Oh! And there will be this one part after they steal the emerald and you will be like "Oh my gosh, Hale, really? WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THAT?!" but don't stop reading because it WILL get better and you will LOVE it.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's Cut To The Jace.






ps. he's really only Jace in te MI movies :)

-Blogga Pennywether!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Should Blog...

I wonder how many blogs we've done have been named that yet...

Okay, I'm going to put links for some of my new favorite tv shows :)


there's only been two episodes so you're not too far behind...


ps. does anyone else think this show is A LOT like the Mortal Instruments series?

pss. only been one episode, watch it and tune in on ABC Family next Tuesday at 9 for more :)

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT (loooooooove this one)

It just finished season 2...


Pretty Little Liars.

ps. the first episode of season 2 aired yesterday!

Have fun with my favorite TV shows!!!!

-Blogga Pennywether!

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