Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Trylle Trilogy.

I started reading the Alchemyst by Michael Scott and it was great but I wanted something with romance. The entire Alchemyst series has NO romance (I checked) so I out that book on hold and began reading Swithced by Amanda Hocking.

Wendy had a great support system in her family and was loved. Lie. Her da killed himself when she was five. Then her psycho mother called her a monster and tried to kill her on her sixth birthday. So she was placed in the loony bin and Wendy was raised by her brother and aunt. She never felt like she belonged. I would chalk it up to the whole "You're a monster and not my kid" vibe that her mom was shooting off when she was a kid, but that's just my opinion. Anyway, she finds out that those feelings were right. Finn, he stalker (but for good reasons) told her she was a changeling. A baby who is switched out for another so that they can get a good education then return to the cullt (except for some reason they refused to call it that). So, she was taken to her real mother and she only ated her slightly less than her host mother. Did I mention that her real mother is the Queen of this cult thing? So Wendy, who has bad hair, would rather be barefoot, has special persuaion powers that only some of the Trylle cult that she was born into has, is a Princess. A freakin' troll princess.

The first book was awesome but then I started the second one and a new love interest butted in. I really liked the first guy. He was perfect. Overly protective, saved her life, arrogant, sometimes sweet. So you can see how her liking the leader of the tribe that tried to kill her would upset me. So I got online and researched a bit. I found out that she ends up with him. The OTHER boy. I was really mad and apparently not the only one. Everyone hated the authors decision since the first character was built up as THE love interest and the OTHER boy was hardly even characterized. I honestly don't think I'll finish the series because I don't want to ruin how much I liked the first book.

So if you're one of those people who doesn't have to finish a series, then I recommend the first book. If not, then don't read them at all because you will only be disappointed and not want to read any of the author's other works. Which I DO NOT want to happen.

All in all the first book was splendid and the whole series could have followed. It was set up to be wonderful.

-Blogga Pennywether!

ps. I need some books to read! Ideas? However many comments I get back on this, that's how many videos Arzella and I will post!

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