Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Break Up: Book One of the Pennywether and Arzella Break Up One Book Series.

The vein in Pennywether's neck bulged with fury as she gazed at the stubborn Arzella. Her beaty blue eyes peered into her so-called "best friend" like a mouse would stare at a block of cheese...cheddar cheese. (Unless mice like other kinds of cheese besides cheddar...).

"Who do you think you are??! Running 'round leaving scars?!" Pennywether gasped for air as Arzella looked at her incredulously.

"Are you SERIOUSLY quoting lyrics right now?" Arzella bounded up from her spot on the ugly plaid couch and cocked her hip. "I mean honestly. You cheat on your boyfriend...WITH MY BOYFRIEND?!"


"And then you expect me to just forgive and forget. Uhuh, Sugar Honey Ice Tea! No way, No HOW!" Arzella spat in the face of, as far as she cared, her ex-best friend.



"ARZELLA. We don't have boyfriends..."

"That's probably because they broke up with us because you cheated on yours with mine."

"Arzella...we never had boyfriends."

"What?" The look on her face penetrated deep into the minds of millions of her followers. Her known fans worldwide. Insert-BigTimeRush-Song-Here-Just-Because-Arzella-Is-Obsessed-With-Them. "What do you mean 'we never had boyfriends'?"


"If you say a couple I'm going to bust something."

"umm...I was going to say single..."Pennywether flung her right hand into the air and stuck her butt out in a very Pennywether-like way.

"Oh. So...why are we fighting?"

"Because you drank all the milk."

"I dont even like milk."

"You love milk."

"Oh, okay. Now that you know all my eating habbits,"

"You drink a glass of milk every day!"


"Oh my gosh." Pennywether shook her head. "Now we're quoting the non-explicit version of Baby Mama."

"You know what. Why you feelin' the need to be all up in mah grill. I dun invite chu to my barbecue!" Arzella shoved her chest out in a bring-it-on manor. The heated tension in the house was starting to spark a fire in the fireplace.

"...You don't even own a grill."

"Well, allow me to buy one."

"After you buy more milk?"

"Aww man you drank all the milk?"

" did."Pennywether held up an empty carton of milk and shook it in Arzella's face. Arzella's eyebrows knit together and she nodded.


"Friends, again?"


thank you, and goodnight.

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