Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Remember this book? It came out today. I read it. And finished it. It was AWESOME!

Katarina Bishop has been known for a lot of things in her life. But most recently, she was known as the girl who robbed the Henley. Which is why she wasn't surprised when a fragile old woman approaches her with a case. A case harder than anything she had ever done before. But the old woman seemed so helpless that she was setermined to steal back Cleopatra's Emerald and return it to the rightful owner. So she did it. She successfully pulled off one of the most daring and challenging heists ever. Then she gives the emerald to the wrong person. So she has to steal it back.

THis book was great. I loved it and I'm definitely going to read it again soon! I recommend it to everyone read Heist Society. If not get your butt out there and but the book. Its great. It'll make you want to steal something. That's not always a good thing...but oh well. =]

-Blogga Pennywether!

p.s. Kat and Hale fans will be pleased. Deeply. Oh! And there will be this one part after they steal the emerald and you will be like "Oh my gosh, Hale, really? WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THAT?!" but don't stop reading because it WILL get better and you will LOVE it.

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