Friday, July 22, 2011

Myles Christian Ketelsen (that makes me want kettle corn. Popcorn and a movie, anyone?)

Dance Pop.

Only 2 words yet they describe the type of music that you're about to fall in love with.

Myles Ketelsen, the man in the one-man-band "My Fair Moon" talked to me today and I definitely got the scoop on the next big thing. 

Get excited, yo.

Apart from the pointless things I learned about Myles (such as his favorite animal is actually from Pokemon and just so happens to be Porygon) I also was informed of some things that will not only make you fall in love with the music, but with the maker of the music. 

"I know it's gotten cliche' and "everyone" says this, but I have history with Adam Young (Owl City). Years ago, before he was even a spec in the fame game, we were friends on Myspace. We used to talk quite a bit about music and writing. He encouraged me to give actual "recording" a try. So for that, I thank him. He's the main reason I'm doing what i am now."

Myles favorite colors are blue and yellow and he would like to have a mullet. And leather pants. 

Myles says he would like to get signed, but not if it means sacrificing who he is. He talks about how too many artist get caught up in fame and forget who got them there and who they were. Myles doesnt want to be one of the artist that  lose themselves in the popularity.

handles it like a man! 

Not only is Myles a music making machine, he also has quite the sense of humor. In his biography on his facebook page ( he talks about how he isn't good with words. After this interview, you would never know. I asked Myles 3 random facts about himself. You know what he replied with?

1. He hates octopus.
2. Fish cant fly.
3. The chicken did come first.

Thank you. 

When asked what his favorite thing about music is, Myles answered with:

"Being able to visit places that reality won't physically let you visit. The fact that I can go wherever I want to via sound is very rewarding and mind blowing. I also love being able to create something and being able to call the finished product mine. Something no one else has and no one else can call theirs. "

He also likes fall because he has an obsession with hoodies! understandable.

actually. he has a "sick obsession" with hoodies. what does that mean? 

Myles tells me that he stays up at night writing and recording! "Music is my life." He says.

Even though Myles once sported girl jeans and screamo music, he says that he can now look back and laugh at it. Speaking of looking back, He once wanted his name to be Max.

Myles sends this message to all aspiring musicians out there (and the Lord knows there's a lot of us.)

"Never give up! Never, never, never give up. it takes so much time and practice. It really is just like a sport. You'll get out what you put it. You can be anything you want to be, you're the only thing stopping yourself."

Myles, or to his friends known as "Mylo", says he isnt addicted to texting, but he is addicted to tweeting. so follow him. @myfairmoon

Although I tried to convince him to answer my joke this was all I ever got

"Why did the chicken cross the road"
"I don't think he was actually on the side of the road to begin with, but who I am to judge where that chicken ACTUALLY was. "

So, now that your updated on the newest and coolest music. your going to go follow @myfairmoon on twitter and like My Fair Moon on Facebook. Go for it, dudes. 

This was successful. Bye:)

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