Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Dramatic Book About Pennywether and Arzella. (Book 2) and a shoutout to mah homegurl P-Swizzy (aka Pennywether.)

"I, am a better writer than you!" Pennywether held her notebook that was filled with chapters of tears and ink into Arzella's face as she inserted a dramatic pause between the I and Am of her sentence.

"NO YOU ARENT. You haven't even finished a book yet, Pen-Knee-Weth-HER!"Arzella yelled with so much teen angst you would think the house would have fallen down.

"Yeah, but i spend so much time on writing one book at a time that my books are always better. More time equals better quality."

"So that's why you leave the milk in the refrigerator for months? Better quality COTTAGE-FREAKING-CHEESE?!?"Arzella threw a fist into Pennywether's jaw but missed by about 2 feet. "I meant to do that."

"Read my book."

"Read your own book."

"I need you to critique it."

"Critique what?"

"My book."

"What book?!"

"The one I'm writing!"

"Oh, Penny-dear, You're writing a book?! You're such a great writer!"

"Thank you, Arzella."

"I'm glad we're friends."

"Oh, golly. Ditto."


p.s. this is true. I, Arzella, have written a book where as PENNYWETHER HAS NOT.


but i love her anyway and she is one of the most talented teenage writers i know.

I love you, Pennywether. Yo Da Bomb.

I like you.


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