Monday, July 18, 2011

For Those Of You Who Like Screamo.


so...let's do a music blog, eh?


the definition of screamo is:

Subdivision of emo and hardcore, generally having more similarities to hardcore in terms of instrumentals, but lyrics are closer to emo. Screamed or spoken-word vocals, laden over soft, proggy riffs or crashing metal madness, more the latter. Mostly dead by now, as the genre was already heavily explored in the 90's by bands such as Hot Cross, Saetia and Orchid. 

thank you urban dictionary.

okay now i cant get the font right. 

oh well. let's deal with it.

make the font bigger! wowzers!

so, children/adults/stalkers/friends/emos/scenesters/hipsters/punkrockers/hermaphrodites/etc.

let's talk about screamo.

do you even know HOW to scream?! i dont. i wish i did.

im so a.d.d. right now.


bands such as

Divided By Friday.

they arent like 100% screamo. but they've got something going for them.

How About A Christian Screamo Band!

The Devil Wears Prada.


Stuff Like That.

Stuff Like That isnt a band. I was just saying stuff like that.

okay. anyway.
escape the fate.
falling in reverse.
sky eats airplane.
i set my friends on fire.
bring me the horizon.
a day to remember.
bullet for my valentine.
we came as romans.

OKAY. im done. listen to those.

bye. i like you. 


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