Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Do You Guys Fight?" "We Have Food Fights."

Alrighty, children. Say Hello To:

The Goodnight Fellows.

Wow! I just learned how to do the whole changing color thing. Technically challenged over here.

Anyway, after spending about 2...probably more actually...hours on stickam with these fiiine gentleman i learned that Josh's favorite jelly bean is Buttered Popcorn and Mike got sick of his white hair so changed it up. Also, they don't practice making out with their arms.

So, I found out about GNF when they followed me on twitter (which also means you should follow them... @thisisGNF) and just about instantly fell in love. Not only is their music AWESOME but theyre all really funny too. They really dont take themselves too seriously which is always cool to see. Nothing like a bunch of anal performers, right? right. Just kidding.

"Remember when we were in, like, middle school and we were taking a test or something and it was completely silent and I sneezed and, like 15 people all said bless you and I was so overwhelmed I was just like 'Thank all of you...'."

The boys were described as a multitude of things including these:

"Hes such a pretty man."
"He is so smart and pretty!"
"These guys are pretty!"

So basically, these men are pretty.

When Asked "Whats one thing you would tell aspiring singers" they replied with

"Do Good."

Better than the over done, mushy, too-heartfelt, paragraph long advice.

So, now that you've heard a little bit about how i feel and how others feel, how about some music?

p.s. you see that guitar? look at what he's doing to it. 
you havent seen a better quality picture, hey?
and would ya look at that?
this was his Me-Against-The-World Poker Face Competition. Don't ask me who won.
"Me and Mike Were playing the harry potter board game a while ago and you have to like draw a card to see what house you go into and no matter how hard I tried i always got slytherine."
woot woot.

so anyway. enjoy them. download there music.


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