Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Have The Lewis Flu-is.

Stephen Lewis Jerzak.

The Lew Flu.

Guys, He plays my heart like a ukelele.

picture time.

 marry me.
because you love me?
and God knows I love you too.

so, anyway. I rave on and on about him but im sure you want to hear some of his music now?! I Know I Do.

this is a cute song. YAY :D
get it. cute song? the songs called cute?
so...this song by him. i dont know how to explain. at first i was like no. this is bad. i dont like it. what the heck does he think he's doing!? but then...i listened to it. over and over again. and i was like hey wait. i kinda....i kinda really like this. 10 points. 
it makes me happy cause its one of those songs that you can say "this reminds me of..."
so this song...its the song that i listen to and am happy. am i feeling bad? listen. am i down on myself? listen. i just love it.

so, guys, obviously i really like stephen jerzak.
and obviously if he ever reads this....i'll probably just be so happy i'd cry.

actually...maybe not. i dont really cry very often. 

but maybe this would be a crying occasion?

so, for all of you nevershoutnever fans,


he's cleaner anyway. well, i dont know if as hygiene wise but i mean as in he doesnt drop the f bomb randomly.

i wonder if he is cleaner....what kind of soap, sir?

okay. i like you.


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