Thursday, July 21, 2011

We'll Deal With The Lag.

Calling All Thrashers!

I spent the evening waiting for Taylor Thrash to get on stickam and then spent the night listening to his AMAZING voice.

I learned a lot of things tonight. Such as Taylor has a lot of hats. And he also has an extremely talented friend named Jon.

Go Follow Them.


Basically, Tonight Taylor looked like a candy cane. And Jon looked like a checker board.

So, Taylor and Jon...whats your favorite board game?

Within the first half an hour of this broadcast, Taylor and his pal had already logged of twice just to log back on due to the lag. Taylor assured us that he had 5 bars of internet, basically blaming it on us. WOW.

thats a lie. he said he didnt know what was wrong.

But, Im sure that if they had been cut tonight, the only thing they would have bled would be perseverance because although the lag was AWFUL they kept entertaining us with songs that had melodies that the untalented would kill to be able to make.

So, they played us some "choppy remix's" and when they said "how many of you have heard of Kanye West?! Raise Your Hand!" I raised my hand. And I looked dumb because I was alone in my room.
Then they played Katy Perry! (Yeah, the Kanye West thing was a trick to get we who are alone in our rooms to look stupid.)

"We're gonna play some tunes. Rock some faces!"

after lagging for too long, Taylor commented with this:
"You know, this is a perfect time to play this song. This song is called 'Stressin'. I wrote this in a completely different situation, but it'll do."

"But now I dont give an s-word!"

This is probably one of Taylor's biggest songs as of right now.  Check it out. You'll like it.

"So, stop texting me. But, dont. Send us all the texts you want."

"High Hopes...High Spirits!"-Jon
"Like Pocahontas' Family."-Taylor

Wanna know something cool? Taylor is really thankful. After every song he sang he said "thank you" at least 3 times. No, Thrash-Master. Thank YOU.


well, after a long battle with stickam, this journey came to an abrupt end. maybe one day when stickam isnt angry at the world, we can try this again.

A special thanks to Taylor Thrash for using his voice to make everyone happy.
A spectacular thank you to Jon who is playing my heart like his guitar. 

I Think Im In Love.


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