Friday, April 15, 2011

5 out of 5 for : The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins !

Oh my loverly bloggers <3

Here's one of our FIRST REVIEWS! aaaah!

AND, go figure, its on one of the most AMAAAZING series ever : The Hunger Games. By Suzanne Collins.

Oh My Goodness.

So, The Hunger Games (Hereby quotes at THG) take place after the apocalyptic events. A family of 3 lives in a small house in District 12. Katniss Everdeen, whose father was killed in a horrifying mining accident, is now the provider of the house. Her mother suffered through a painstaking depression leaving her and her younger sister, Primrose, fending for themselves.

Due to rebellion throughout the districts, a terrible tradition is now held. The Hunger Games takes place once a year, shoving 2 children from ever district into a fight to the death.

With Katniss falling hard for both Peeta and Gale, this book leaves you drooling for the next page and makes your heart stop when you finish the series. Not only is Suzanne an expert writer, but she has mastered the talent of tapping into teenage feelings and making it so boys and girls can enjoy this series.

With a love story pulsing through an action filled adventure, I give THG a 5 out of 5 stars. So, that pretty much means READ IT!

Thank you Suzanne Collins for writing one of the best books ever. We love you and your books.

Peeta Mellark Has My Whole Heart <3

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