Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Is this the part where you tell me you secretly love me? Vampire mojo strikes again."

And Cassandra Clare Wins Again with a breath-taking novel. 

Whether it's the sorrow of young (INSERT NAME HERE. BUT I CANT TELL YOU WHO.) or the secrets that Jace is keeping seeping all over the lovebirds relationship, CoFA is by far the best book of The Mortal Instruments series. Read it. But read the first ones first. because that would be beneficial.

I absolutely am in love with the secretive nature of this book. Not only are their secrets, but the secrets are laced with seductive lies and to-die-for battles. Jace's character is just dripping with delicious. The fear thats wrapped around him is a whole lot of yummy wrapped up in a bunch of desirable affections. 

If i did stars, it would be, like, a 6.5 out of 5. i love this book. so much. and i beeeeg of you that you read it. pretty pretty please. 

thank you Cassie, for blessing us with another one of you books. we are always appreciative <3 CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK! :)


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