Friday, April 29, 2011


Okay, I saw Beastly! And I read the book like a month ago! Both were soooo good. So I am going to do a review on both! Two reviews, one blog. Beastly, right? hahahaha

Uh, can you say delish?! Loved it.


Popular and (mmmm) good looking Kyle Kingsbury thinks he can get away with anything and everything because he is beautiful. And his daddy has money (that helps). But, he's also ugh (is that an adjective?). He goes too far, though, when he plays a joke on the mysterious goth girl by asking her to the school dance. When she realizes the mean joke, she casts a spell oin him. Boom. Roasted. He becomes as ugly outside as he is on the inside (which, let me tell you, is pretty dang ugly). He is a beast. Literally. She tells him that he has two years to find someone who will love him for who he really is. If he succeeds, he will be himslef again. If not, he stays like this forever.

Soo good. Read it. Love it. Posslibly kiss it (not that I did that or anything...).


Take everything from the top and paste it down here. Except, he is not a beast, but a jerk who looks like he has some weird skin disease. And, he only has a year. Plus, he is aged up a bit. Oh, and in the book, he changes his name to Adrian. Not so! He changes his name to Hunter in the movie (which, personally, I like better. No offense.)

Yeah. So go watch it. And don"t forget your Twizzlers like I did. Oh, and pee BEFORE the movie starts cause it's too good to leave. Yeah, so nanyway... =]

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Okay, toodles!

-Blogga Pennywether!

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