Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm changing up the font today. welp, right now. i dont know if i like it. and now i made it all liney and junk. and now i made it purple.

okay. well, just to add a little PAZAZZ! we will be writing like this for now. well, i will be writing like this for now.

we have a total of 35 followers on twitter. PATHETIC. how can i get more followers? oh, i dont know. im really not in the mood to pay for advertising. soo...i will just hope and pray that someone out there is listening.

sam wilkinson listened.

now its your turn. 

AND I JUST HEARD A BIRD WHISTLE AT ME. like the flirty whistle that guys do when they think your hot. i have a new self-esteem. its a good one.

welp, follow us on twitter. we think you're cool.


p.s. wanna hear the story behind the 810? (yeah! there's a story!) too bad. once we hit 150 followers we will share it. okay. bye:)


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