Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am a terrible blogger...

I have not blogged in days. I am truly sorry! But, I do mhave reasons for not blogging until this moment. Like moments ago I was outside in my pig barn scooping poop with my father (how is that for father-daughter bonding?). I do not jest. So, withouth further excuses, Dogwood by Chris Fabry:

Soooooo good. Part romance. Part mystery. Really confusing (in a good way). Shocking. Man, is it shocking.

Twelve years have passed since Will was sent to prison for unitnentional vehicular homicide against two innocent little girls. Now, he is being released. Only he is not well received by the town he left. All he wants is to see the only woman he ever loved and his family. Except, Karin (the only woman he ever loved) has moved on. gotten ,arried, had three children. No one wants him there, even his own brother thinks everyone wolud just be better off if he left.
The story follows Will as he reconnects with Karin and helps her remember the past she has forgotten. It travels with Karin as she tries to figure everything out. And lastly, it watches a boy, Danny. The boy who's two innocent sister were killed by Will. He was there that night and blames himself for his sister's deaths. He still has to receive counseling for what he fears he caused.
Nothing is ever quite as it seems in Dogwood, West Virginia.
This book is great. It has an awesome plot and is written by a truly talented writer. I would never hesitate to read anything by him. So, read it. Loved it. Maybe those emothioanl people out there will cry a bit. *clears throat* Arzella.
Okay, toodles!

-Blogga Pennywether!

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