Saturday, May 28, 2011

dear bloggers,

hey the my bloggers
whats it like in whatever town your in?
you might be in north carolina
or l.a. or the city of sin
dont worry.
we still get your comments in a hurry. 
my name isnt murray. 

oh, thanks for being so cool.
and please, dont drop out of school.
when you wake up, clean up all your drool.
because wet sheets are for freakin fools.

please sing that to the tune of "hey there delilah."


goals achieved today!

sam wilkinson followed us on twitter.

that's the only goal i set for the day.

tomorrow, i am going to set this goal:

study so i DONT flunk my math exam.
ba.ha.ha. not going to be achieved.

this week i will be OH SO DELIGHTED to do 2 reviews.

1 on

(insert da-da-da-DAAA! here)

-a band i have just recently fallen in love with. legit.

and the second would be on:

Rocky Loves Emily.

such a cute name for such an amazing band.


also, i will tell you that at this very moments i have realized something:

Ohio weather is bi-polar.

Let's pack up and move to California. 
(Hawk Nelson Lyrics.)

okay. i feel like this is quite long. We hope to get a gajillion views pretty soon here. we are well on our way, ya know? i know. keep...reading and junk. and formspring us. and tell us to start our vlog on youtube cause we've yet to do that. we enjoy you. and we think your cute. 

arzella .


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