Friday, May 6, 2011

Noo Moosic:)

Music :

It's The Bees Knees.

Little do you know, that's a reference to a song by a band we will be featuring umm...RIGHT NOW!

Consider Me Dead

that mans name is Chris Brewington.
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He would be the singer in Consider Me Dead, a techno screamo type band. I really enjoy CMD because its a very...unique band. and by unique i do mean great. The style of this band is electro pop type stuff and its purtyy much a good dance music type thing. what's CMD got goin for it? A lot. The Band gets a rockin review and i suggest you listen to them. kay thanks.

next, we will be introducing an extraordinary beat producer known as Equaliz3r. Listen To His AMAZING Jams here::


Now, I would like to bless you with an amazing review of the band The After Party.

Man oh Man! 4 Attractive men singing me a song...who would deny that pleasure?

They have some sort of..alternative indie rock style and that is the kind of music i LOVE. absolutely. please listen to their song. which i am

green drums are on my team.

so, i really like TAP. tap. hahah was that planned? idk. I highly suggest you buy their new EP which is on ITunes NOW! woohoo :)

Okay, guys, hope ya'll liked this post and all the bands that were spoken of...i see ipod updating in your future....:) okay!


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