Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Agency... da da da.

This book was great! So great! It was kind of confusing in some parts (but that could be due to my pea sized brain) and I hated the ending. So much. Because...wel because...I can't tell you.

Mary The Thief was saved from the gallows when she was twelve. Then she was sent to finishing scholl. Mary The Teacher was offered a propostion when she was seventeen. She took it. She joined the Agency. The Agency was a super-secret spy organization formed by women and only employed women. Since women were considered incompetent, it was a perfect cover. Anyway, Mary was sent on a mission. A small one. She was not even an important person on he case. But beacuse of of her fierceness and pride, she managed to worm her way a lot farther into the case than she was meant to. She is hated by her "employer" - Angelica. She is flirted with by the secretaryMisheal Gray. And tormented by Mr. Gray. As she sticks her nose in others business, will she get her nose back unscathed? Is it even possible?

The book is delicious. I recommend it to EVERYONE! So, read it.

-Blogga Pennywether

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