Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hey There :)

So, ya'll ready for the DOWN LOW!

Im so busy. oh so busy. and i hate it. i just want to...chill.

And, Im a terrible blogger.
So, guys, guess what! I (Arzella) have some cool plans for this week :) well...tomorrow. due to the fact its thursday. meaning tomorrow is friday.


tomorrow, I will be reviewing some new bands :) I AM SO EXCITED. Because, guess what. I have some awesome sauce new bands to share with you. Which means, more illegal downloading?
we buy $$
its all about the prrriiiiicetags. (jessie j) (except I changed the lyrics)

So, I hope you all are super duper excited, cause i am.

p.s. we're almost to 1000 VIEWS! which means...a special video from pennywether and i :) be excited!

kay, bye.


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