Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Is A Bummer If You Can't Leave This Pathetic Excuse For A Town :)


that's whats going down in the life of arzella:)

well, that and watching criminal minds! woohoo!

Winter calls for screamo music. Summer calls for Indie music. And I Love Summer. So, we will now be introducing some of the best summer bands around. well, if you really like them they can be year around bands too :)

Of course, 1 of the number one bands for the summer of hipsters is Nevershoutnever!

geez, christofer drew deserves more attention than he's getting !

That's my favorite song.

Also on our list of awesome summer songs would be the increasingly popular The Ready Set. Not to brag or anything, but i knew about JWitz BEFORE they overplayed LLW on the radio. Just because TRS is going mainstream doesnt mean you cant love him! because, heck, he's really cool:) so, listen to him a him a him. Okay.

Next, is Mando Diao.

So, I was watching a video on youtube and they played a song by them and i instantly fell in love. so, listen to them!

yeah. i like them.


The Pigeon Detectives.

Eerp A Derp. I absolutely love this band. like its an intense love. I hope you like them too :)

that's a cool song.

okay, next would be


cool name, right? Right! So, i really enjoy this band because theyre a little more known than some of the other stuff i've come up with. so, you will come across the person who knows who they are where as with some other bands they'll be like WHO THE FRICK IS THAT?! and then stereotype you and you may suffer a deep depression and need therapy.

nbd. therapy isnt that bad!

so how do you feel about that?

anywho, now that i've made a fool out of myself, i hope you enjoy these bands this summer. wear sunscreen so you dont burn. and dont fake bake in fear of melenoma. or however you spell it.

okayyy !:)

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The Ready Set


Mando Diao


The Pigeon Detectives


And Glasvegas!


hope you guys have a stellar summer! watch out for more blogs!


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