Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Felt The Need To Blog.

So I did. You know what we haven't had in a really long time? A good old-fashioned book blog. So, I blogging about an AWESOME new book I just finished. It's called...

Knight Angels: Book of Love Book One

by Abra Ebner

Swanky name, huh?

Anyway, the book take place in like five different people's point of view (would be a spectaular tv show, just saying). Jane. Emily. Max. Wes. And occasionally Sarah and Erik.

Jane is the goody-two- shoes of the family, but she's hiding a secret from everyone. She died. But someone saved her. Ever since the tragic accident that killed her and her father, she has been having dreams of death. And not only that, but she can see everyones death, clear as day.

Emily, Jane's younger sister, has a few secrets of her own. She has a power too. but she had hers long before the accident that killed her father. She can read anyone and everyone's mind. Kind of has it's ups and downs. But to Emily, the downs are more prominent. So to muddle her mind so she can't hear everyone's thoughts, she takes drugs. Lots of them.

Max is the new dark boy at school, but not nearly as dark as his fraternal twin brother, Greg. he and Greg are untited by more of a force than most twins. Good and Evil. Max seems to know everything about Jane, and although he feels familiar to her, she knows nothing about him. And that could be a problem.

Wes has been in love with Jane his whole life and is unaware that Emily is in love with him. He and Jane tried dating over the summer, but she just didn't feel the same way toward him. So not only is his love life crumpling, but he's been having severe pains and huge groth spurts. He suddenly takes a liking for Emily, but is jealous over the realationship that is budding between Jane and Max. Jealousy is actually an understatement. He is murderous.

Oh. My. Gosh. This book was sooo good. I started the second one. You know how you always HATE the second book in a fatasy series (it's just a given), well I actually like this one. So read it. So many twist and surprises. And romance. The forever and always kind. It's a really swanky book. So read it. Thanks Abra Ebner!

-Madion the Blogette!

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